Thinking about hiring a local tree service company? Then you want to read this. When you have heavy branches dangling near your home, you risk the chance of one of them falling and causing extensive damage. A tree that is claiming territory near your home can also create nasty mold on your home’s beautiful exterior and siding.

As the leading local tree service, we know that damaged or dead trees can be hazardous, especially during a heavy storm. For this reason (and many others), you might be considering hiring a local tree service company to examine the trees around your home. Today, our tree service professionals will show you how to choose the right tree service company to do the job.

1. Check Out Their Credentials & Insurance

When hiring a local tree service company, you want to ensure the employees are properly trained, which is why it’s so important to look into the company’s credentials and figure out if they are licensed and insured.

You don’t want an unlicensed company to do work around your home, as you risk the chance of damage around your property. It is a gamble you shouldn’t take. Take it from us, the leading tree service.

2. Look Deeper into the Insurance

A tree service company without insurance is a company you don’t want anywhere near your home or yard. You must ensure that the company you deal with has liability insurance and worker’s compensation.

Liability insurance will cover you if there is any damage to your home, and worker’s compensation will protect you and the company’s employees in case there is an injury on the job.

As the leading tree service company, we are fully insured to protect you and everyone involved.

3. Ask Them for Referrals

This one is common sense. You never hesitate to ask for referrals when you hire a contractor to work on your home, so why not ask for referrals from the local tree service company you’re about to hire? You are entitled to know what to expect from the company you’re hiring, and you want to hear about other people’s experiences with them.

4. Get an Estimate

It goes without saying that you should ask for an estimate from the company you’re about to hire. And we also urge you to hire a company that provides it in print. If the local tree service company doesn’t want to give you an estimate, or provides you one scribbled on a napkin or piece of paper, then they are not a reputable and professional company. When prospective clients search for tree services in Shelby Township MI area, we are happy to provide them with a professional estimate. After all, we want our clients to know what goes into the entire job and what they can expect from us.

It is important to hire a reputable local tree service company with years of experience handling any size tree service jobs. We cater to residential and commercial properties and will ensure the job is done the right way. Call us at ……. for a free estimate today.