As the leading tree service in Shelby Township MI, we have some tree trimming tips and techniques for you to properly care for and trim trees of all types and sizes.  But do you know the basics of tree trimming and pruning? You might be pretty hand and able to take on different jobs around the yard, but when it comes to tree trimming, you must know certain tricks and techniques to get the job done right.  Tree trimming is an art, similar to cutting hair. With the right knowledge and equipment, you’ll be able to trim your trees and leave them looking healthy and beautiful—and most importantly, eliminate any type of dangerous situation.

While there are many tips and tricks floating around, if you want to do the job yourself, then you need to listen to the leading tree service in Shelby Township, MI.  After all, we have been in business for many years now. However, if the job is too risky, you need to think twice about doing it on your own and simply let the experts take care of the job for you.

Reasons to Trim or Prune Your Tree

Generally, trees are trimmed for many reasons.  Clients turn to our tree service in Shelby Township, MI when they want their trees to look beautiful and for safety and health reasons.

• For Aesthetic Reasons: Pruning a tree effectively will help it maintain its overall appearance. However, you should never trim a tree until something is not meant to be.  A tree must maintain its natural shape and size. If you trim it too much, you could damage the tree.

• For Safety Reasons: Dead or broken branches must be cut off to prevent accidents. If you notice that branches are about to fall or they’re getting too close to your home, they should be trimmed right away. Additionally, tree appendages and branches periodically become excessively near power lines. In the event that this is going on, don’t endeavor to trim them all alone. This is a perilous activity—dangerous. Contact the main tree administration in Shelby Township, MI Tree Service, and let us take on this risky activity for you. 

• For Health Reasons: Sometimes it is impossible to save a tree from getting infected, but trimming and pruning your tree effectively can prevent the infection from spreading throughout the tree.

Expert Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming Tips

If you’re looking to prune your tree, you need to follow our expert advice to get the job done right.  Today, Shelby Township MI Tree Service is going to show you the expert tips and techniques you must keep in mind.

• Keep lateral branches as even as you can, especially if the tree is young.

• Prune the branches that are too close to other branches or rubbing against each other.

• Never remove more than ¼ of the crown. If you do, you could kill your tree.

• Trim away branches that are excessively near passerby walkways, yet don’t expel so much that you slaughter the tree.

• Remove only the crown of the tree on the off chance that you should

• Always cut outside the branch bark edge and point your arm and remove from the stem to guarantee that you don’t harm the branch.

How Much Is Tree Trimming?

If you want your backyard to look beautiful, you need to have your trees trimmed at least once or twice a year, possible more.  We are the experts in tree trimming and pruning and will ensure we remove dead and broken limbs to keep your tree healthy for many years to come.  The costs of tree trimming services will vary, but we would be happy to give you receive a FREE estimate. Contact us today and let us help you with all your tree trimming needs.