Stump Grinding Springfield Missouri

After tree removal, maybe you decided to keep the stump and tried to use it as a planter but it didn’t work. Perhaps you didn’t have enough resources to combine tree removal and stump grinding. This forced you to take up removal first and postpone the stump grinding to a later date. Whatever the case, we have just what you need. We offer stump grinding services in Springfield Missouri.

If you are looking for professionals to grind your stump, then you are in the right company. Get in touch with us today and we will start on the process immediately.

Stump Grinding Vs Stump Removal

There is a difference between these two processes. On one hand, stump grinding uses a machine to reduce the size of a tree stump. The resulting chips are used to fill in the hole while the roots are left to rot and decay with time. On the other hand, stump removal is a mechanical process that involves removing the stump from the roots. This can be difficult depending on how strong the roots are and how far they have spread. All this is determined by the age and size of the former tree.

Most people prefer to have stump grinding instead of stump removal. The latter takes a lot of time, effort and is more expensive. Furthermore, it leaves a big hole in your yard. You then have to think about refilling the hole with new top soil.

Why Grind a Stump?

Stump grinding is the final stage of tree removal. While some people prefer to keep their stumps intact, others would rather grind them. There are a number of reasons for preferring the latter:

Stumps can be unsightly if they are left unattended

Once they start decaying, stumps breed fungi that in turn attracts insects

You might want to give your yard a facelift and that involves getting rid of the stump to make space for new tuff

With children, having stumps can be hazardous. Children can gush their knees, trip onto the stumps or hurt themselves jumping on an off the stump

These stumps can easily be pest infested

To eliminate all the risks and hazards of having a stump in the yard, people therefore prefer to grind the stump. What better and safer way to do it than by calling professionals like us?

The Process

Once you give us a call, the first thing we do is to head over to your premises. This is necessary because we need to assess the shape, size and condition of the stump before we can start on the job. At this stage, our professional arborists also weigh in on the health of the stump in order to determine how best to move forward with the grinding. After this, we provide you with an estimate and let you consider the next move.



After you have tasked us with grinding down your stump, we set up an appointment stating the date and time. On the material ay, we head out to your premises and arrive at the stipulated time. This is slightly different if you had also tasked us with tree removal. In that case, stump grinding is the last part of the removal process.

Unlike other stump grinding service providers, we are always punctual because we respect your time and want to get your yard in top shape in the shortest time possible.


The next step is the actual grinding. For this, we use a stump grinder. There are different types and each is suitable for a specific type and shape of tree. However, all the grinders ultimately have one thing in common – a rotating cutting wheel at the front.

Tree stumps are usually about four to six inches above the ground. Once the grinder is set to work, it grinds about two inches at a time. The blade goes back and forth turning the stump into tiny wood chips or mulch.


Once the stump is ground about six to eight inches below the grade, the job is almost done. The mulch is then filled into the hole and raked in place so it can settle. This is the most preferred method of getting rid of a stump. Furthermore, it is the most cost effective and takes the shortest time.

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