Tree Removal Springfield Missouri

If you are in search of professional tree removal services in Springfield Missouri, give us a call today. We have experience cutting and removing various tree sizes and species. With this experience, rest assured that you will get the best service.

Why Remove a Tree?

There are many reasons why you might need to remove a tree from your yard. Some of the reasons include:

Tree damage cause by harsh weather conditions

Infested trees that harbor pests and animals

Need to overhaul your landscape and get a new look

Diseased trees that expose other plant matter to diseases

Safety issues, for example, because the tree is leaning towards the house or power lines

Why Get a Professional?

Many people have taken to the internet for instructions on how to remove a tree. While the videos are clear and informative, we advise against removing a tree by yourself. There are many factors to consider when removing a tree: the surrounding property, the health of the tree, the size and the types of tools you would need to remove the tree without causing damage or injury.

We are professionals who are highly trained an ISA certified. Our arborists are able to evaluate the health of the tree before it is removed. With professional help, you also get to protect the rest of your plant matter in case the tree is diseased or infested. Finally, with our training, we are able to avoid any damage to surrounding property or injury to ourselves.

The Process

Our tree removal process is simple but effective. It all starts with a free, no obligation estimate. Once you give us a call, we come over to your premises – house or business – to see exactly what needs to be done. During this inspection, we identify any surrounding property or plant matter so we can determine how to best remove the tree without causing damage. In some cases, you might not have to remove the tree. Instead, we might advise you to consider trimming or pruning. With other trees, we might first have to treat them before we can safely remove them. With this information, we can give you a guide on what is best for your yard. Furthermore, we are able to come up with an estimate of what the entire process will cost.

After you give us the go-ahead on removing your tree, we will confirm the date and time you would like us to commence on the process. After arrival, we deal will follow up with:


1.) Task Allocation

Our foreman distributes various tasks to the crew. Some will be on cutting duty; others on wood chipper duty and others on clean up services. Allocation of tasks helps to make the process efficient: fast and effective. Once the tasks are allocated, we can now start on removal.

2.) Cutting Branches

With any tree, we always start at the top. We might need to use cranes or plain ladders depending on how tall the tree is. We start by cutting off the branches from the higher sections. Every branch is then lowered and cut into smaller sections that are more manageable. Each of these is fed into a wood chipper.

The process continues until all the branches have been cut off.

3.) Dismembering the Trunk

The next step is to cut down the trunk. This is one in manageable sections as well. If you would like to keep the wood, we stack it in your preferred location within your yard. If not, the wood is loaded onto a waiting truck for disposal. We cut the trunk off enough to leave behind a small stump.

4.) Removing or Grinding the Stump

Some people prefer to keep the stump and use it as a planter. Others prefer to have it removed completely. To remove the stump, we cut it down to the smallest possible size. After this, we use a grinder to grind it all the way down. After this, our crew rakes the area so that there is no sign of the former tree.

When this is done, we always clean up the area before we leave.

Contact Us

If you would like to get tree removal services in Springfield Missouri, get in touch with us. We will come over straightaway to assess your yard and advise on the way forward. We don’t just cut down trees. Instead, we ensure that your trees and plants are healthy before embarking on any removal process.