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Tree trimming is one of the essential tree services for anyone who has a yard full of plants. The process of trimming trees is both a science form and an art form. This means that you need to know the technical knowledge of how to trim well and have the eye to achieve the results you want.
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3 Reasons for Trimming Trees


There are three main reasons why you need to trim your trees. These are:



When a tree is infected or diseased, you might think of cutting it down and removing it altogether. This is the only solution in some cases. However, we can advise you to keep the tree in some cases. This possible when the infection hasn’t spread and is confined to specific areas of the branches. To maintain the health of the tree, we remove the trim off the affected areas to prevent spread of the infection.


Sometimes tree branches reduce visibility for drivers. Other times, the branches are leaning too close to your window and blocking out light. This is dangerous and one false move could easily cause damage to your car, house or even injure people in your home or compound. To eliminate the chances of such accidents, we trim the tree.


Sometimes you might want your tree to have a specific shape but it doesn’t. Some branches are longer than others while others slightly deviate from the general direction. This can make your trees look unkempt and reduce their aesthetic appeal. The solution is to trim them into the specific shape that you would like. This sets a shape for the tree’s growth henceforth.

Tree trimming is recommended at least once a year. By trimming your trees, you get to enjoy taller and more productive trees. This ultimately keeps the tree healthy and its growth is not stunted.

Benefit of trimming Trees

There are a number of benefits you enjoy when you get a professional to trim your trees. These include:

Increased sunlight penetration which provides for beautiful and healthy undergrowth

Healthier trees that are stronger and with an increased lifespan

Better lighting in the house or in buildings

Increased productivity for the tree

Eliminate or reduce the number of dangerous branches

Higher resistance to pests and diseases

Best Time to Trim Trees

One of the most popular questions about tree trimming is the best time to do it. The best time to trim a tree would be when it is dormant. For some species, this is the best time because it doesn’t bleed sap. For trees that bloom in summer, it is best to trim them towards the end of winter. On the other hand, there is an exception when it comes to trees that bloom in spring. For some of these, you need to wait until just after they bloom then start trimming.

There are special cases where braches are dangerously placed or even infected with a disease. In this case, the tree needs to be trimmed immediately. No matter the reason behind trimming, you should always engage us to provide these services. As professionals, we know when and how best to trim your trees.

The Process

The trimming process requires a professional. We don’t advise you to try and do it yourself because it can damage the tree more. There are different ways to trim a tree. Some of these include:

Crown Reduction

If you would like to make your tree shorter, then this is the way to go. Crown reduction requires a crane and not just a ladder. Although the main focus is to reduce the crown, we also consider the tree’s natural shape and trim it with that in mind.

Crown Raising<br />

For crown raising, the aim is to have the tree’s limbs starting a bit higher up off the ground. For this, the trimming begins by removing the lower branches. The process continues until we achieve the desired starting point.

Crown Thinning<br />

Crown thinning involves reducing the overall number of branches on the tree. For this, we space out the remaining branches evenly by trimming the ones in the middle. The purpose of crown thinning is often to let more light through.

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